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Creating a brighter road ahead

Industry leaders in the manufacture of garments and equipment, for road, construction, and even your pets' safety.  

All safety vests are rated and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Safety vests are classified as Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3, based on the amount of both reflective material and high contrast (orange or lime color) fabric making up the vest.

From corporate to personal, Traffic-Quip brands and manufactures high-quality custom branded clothing and accessories such as masks or car magnets. Send us your ideas and lets work together to create your perfect product.

Select from a wide range of reflective indoor and outdoor signs that are hard to miss. Our range of signage includes wet floors, traffic triangles, traffic cones, and stop cones. Our signs can also be custom-made to fit your precise needs. 

Traffic-Quip Visibility

Made to Shine

Here at Traffic-Quip we always strive to ensure that we provide the most effective materials required for each environment available without ever sacrificing quality or safety.  

Other Visibility

Less is not More

We have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting our skill and learning where to effectively place reflective tape to give optimal visibility ensuring the maximum possible safety at the best possible prices.


Who We Are

With a wholehearted dedication to ensuring safety across African roads, construction sites, and homes, Traffic-Quip has been a major industry leader for over 25 years. Throughout this time we have constantly adapted and maintained our high standards of safety and quality to meet the challenges of the highspeed modern world. Our commitment to high standards of safety and quality has provided us with a respectable reputation as demonstrated through our large portfolio of work and extensive client base.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to soon be working with you too. 



Through our dedication and quality of service, Traffic-Quip has grown to be trusted by major industry leaders.

ER 24 Medical Services

For over 10 YEARS Traffic-Quip has been a trusted supplier for the high standards of ER 24 Medical Services



Over the past 5 YEARS Traffic-Quip has been a trusted supplier for the high standards of Netcare

South African Police Services

For more than 15 YEARS Traffic-Quip has been a trusted supplier for the high standards of the South African Police Services

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